Unable to install APIGW Policy Manager version 10
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Unable to install APIGW Policy Manager version 10


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A customer who is trying to install Poliymanager version 10 gets a message from Microsoft defender on windows 10.

Which deny the application to be runned.

This problem didn't occur for them in all 9.x policy Manager versions. 

Is this something related to the installer ?



Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


No this is not related to the Policy manager installer file. 

Microsoft defender is checking if this is a know or often used application,  if not it will deny it to run according to the policy set by the system administrator 

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Policymanager  version 10 is new , so it is not in the list of know allowed applications yet.

Normally there's an option to override the warning and run the application anyway, if this is not the case, this is turned off in a domain policy and the domain  admin need to enable it.