Entering more characters than set at attribute level reloads the whole page on Application and Service subobjects 


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This is a Classic UI defect
1. Create a subobject of the Service object (Service Sub)
2. Create a string type attribute called Notes
   Provide a maximum length of 20 characters
3. On the object views add the Notes field to the properties view as well as the list view.
4. Go to Home > IT Service Management > Services
5. Create a service and go to the subobject list created
6. Create a subobject instance
7. On the properties page, Notes field, try to enter a value longer than 20 characters.
8. You are unable to type more than 20 characters
9. Now go to the list view and edit the Notes field.
10. You are able to enter more than 20 characters. Enter 21 characters

Actual results: The whole page loads up and the previous saved value is shown
Expected results: To get "Value is too large" error


This is caused by DE55764


This is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.9.1

Additional Information

The issue happens at least on the Service and Application object subobjects.
On the Project and Idea object subobjects the error appears as expected.
So the problem seems limited to some subobjects