How to modify the Automatic Message Recognition (AMR) table in Jobtrac?


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  The AMR table may be changed in Jobtrac using the JTS primary command to access the table service menu.  After accessing the table service menu select option 2 for AMR to make modifications to the table. 


Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC


Perform the following steps to modify the AMR table:

1.  Access the AMR Table List panel. 

2.  Enter E to the left of the table name you want to modify. 

3. Do any of the following to perform updates to the AMR table:

--To delete an entry, enter D to the left of the Msg Text field.  
--To modify an entry, type over the existing information. Delete
   information by blanking it out.
--To add an entry, enter R to the left of the Msg Text field you want to
   copy. The entry is repeated following this one. Modify the entry.
--To extend message, command, reply, or altered text, enter S to the left
  of the Msg Text field. The extended text panel appears for you to specify
  additional text for the message, command, or altered text.  

4. To save your modifications, issue the END or ENDSAVE primary command.

After making the desired changes you will take the following steps to activate an AMR table:

1.  Access the AMR Table List panel.
2.  Enter A after the A(ctivate)/C(reate) prompt.
3.  Enter the name of the table you want to activate after the Table name prompt.

Additional information on AMR can be found in the Jobtrac Extended Scheduling Service Guide in Chapter 4: Automating Message Replies.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.