DX OI - ServiceNow incidents are created but OI console still shows the “Open ticket” option rather than the incident number


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For some alarms, incidents are created but DOI console still shows the “Open ticket” option rather than the incident number, here is an example illustrating the discrepancy:

1.In OI UI:

2. ServiceNow incident is also found in the "alarms_all" index in Elastic (DOI UI reads from this index)

http://<elastic-endpoint>/*alarms_all*/_search?pretty&q=alarm_unique_id:<your alarm id>

3.From Chrome Developer Tools (press F12), when clicking  in “Open ticket”, the below error is reported: " Incident is already created for this alarm”


The issue is related to defect # DE457521 and fixed in 20.2 and onward versions.


DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x


Contact Broadcom Support to obtain a copy of the fix  (readserver-doionprem.tar.gz), provide reference DE457521

Installation instructions :

1. Scale down doi-readserver and doi-adminui only.
NOTE: DOI UI will not be accessible during that time ( 500 internal server error will appear if users try to connect), however, there will be NO data loss
2. tar -xvf readserver-doionprem.tar.gz
3. cd readserver-doionprem/
4. docker load --input readserver-doionprem.tar
5. docker images | grep isl-dsdc.ca.com:5001
6. docker tag isl-dsdc.ca.com:5001/doi/ <private-registry-hostname>:5000/1.3.2/readserver-doionprem:release
7. docker push <private-registry-hostname>/1.3.2/readserver-doionprem:release
8. oc import-image readserver-doionprem:release
9. Scale up doi-readserver and doi-adminui 


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