Configuring APM 12.6 release for SSL using IIS 7.x


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Configuring APM 12.6 release for SSL, using IIS 7.x


See the following URL for an explanation of SSL certificates:

This procedure was verified in APM 12.6, C8 using IIS 7.5

  1. Configure IIS for SSL

    1. On APM Web Server, launch Internet Information Services Manager, and select 'Server Certificates'

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      Figure 1

    2. Create self-signed Certificate and give it a name

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      Figure 2

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      Figure 3

    3. Click on Default Web Site and select 'Bindings'

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      Figure 4

    4. Click Add and choose https, and specify the port and the SSL certificate name:

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      Figure 5

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      Figure 6

  2. Configure APM for SSL

    1. Login to APM and navigate to Administration - system configuration

    2. Click on Web Server and change the protocol to 'https' and SAVE.

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 7

    3. Repeat the step above, changing protocol to 'https' for the following additional sections:
      Application server and WCF Service

    4. Reset IIS

Test by launching the application with https://ServerName/ITAM

Note that 'ServerName' in the URL should match the certificate server name. Typically, you will use the actual server name for the certificate and not 'localhost'.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration


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