Is Deep linking in Clarity OOTB Action Items/Notifications Enabled?
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Is Deep linking in Clarity OOTB Action Items/Notifications Enabled?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When a user clicks on the link in a Clarity PPM notification email they are not taken to the correct page via SSO. Is there a way to know from the UI if deep linking is enabled in our environment for our Clarity PPM Saas OOTB Action Items/Notifications?


How to generate deeplink notification:
1. Log into Clarity
2. Go to Home, Account Settings and click on the notifications tab.
3. Make sure that the alert box is checked for action items.
4. Go to Home, Organizer.
5. Make sure the Action Items tab is selected.
6. Click the New button
7. Fill in the Subject line and click the Notify Assignees box so that it is checked.
8. Click the Binoculars beside Assign to and select your own name.
9. Click the save and return button.

The Clarity notification has been created at this point and the link in the notification will show the link that was generated using the external url and entry url. An Email notification will also be sent if email notification has been enabled. The notification inside Clarity will show the same url that is seen in an email notification.

If you would like to have deep link enabled or still not sure regarding the deep link configuration in your SaaS environment please open a Broadcom Support case.

Additional Information

Please note:

Enable deep link only works with the Clarity PPM OOTB Action Items/Notifications.

For any Custom Processes/Gel Scripts that generate emails therefore to fix the link in the email you would need to make a change to the process code and modify the URL in the email.