[AWA] Earliest start time & end time offset if customize AWI Timezone is selected


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Earliest start time & end time display not correct if AWI settings: Timezone is selected with any TZ object different than GMT/UTC
This can be reproduced easily:

  • Create a TZ object, for example either TZ.CET (UTC+1 -> with daylight saving) or TZ.VN (UTC+7 -> without daylight saving)
  • Create a workflow, set Earliest start time (EST) for its child task(s) using created TZ
  • Set AWI Settings > Timezone = the created TZ
  • Execute the workflow and open workflow monitor
    Expected behavior:
    > Workflow monitor displays accordingly to the EST above, because properties & AWI settings are using same TZ
    Actual behavior:
    > Workflow monitor displays incorrectly with 01 hr offset (in both examples) .
    > It displays correct time only if AWI settings: UTC/GMT time is selected.


Defect, bug in AWI


Release : 12.3

Component : Automic Web Interface


The fix for this bug will be implemented in the following version:

  • Automic.Web.Interface 12.3.3 - Available