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Users are unexpectedly granted access to the Integrations menu link/page when given the Administration - Authorization access right. The 'Administration - Application Setup' already grants the user access to 'setup' the Integrations and should NOT appear for the 'Administration - Authorization' access right.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a new user
2. Grant that user the following access rights: Administration - Authorization

Expected Results: The user does not have access to the Integrations menu link/page. 
Actual Results: The user is given access to the Integrations menu link/page. 


Release : Any

Component : CA PPM Administration


The "Integration" area in Administration never had separate rights to control the visibility of this menu item.  It was always part of the Administration - Authorization right.   To change it will be enhancement. 

Additional Information

For more details on how to submit an enhancement, see: Enhancement Requests for Clarity