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On one database, the client is using the following ERO rule:

 /*            ALL  RETPD=3650 DRETPD=7 IRETPD=365 

On another database, they are using rule:

 /*            ALL  RETPD=3650 DRETPD=7 

Please explain the usage of the parameter IRETPD, and the difference between the two rules shown.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


ERO subfield IRETPD specifies the number of days (0 to 32767) that any page indexes defined for the reports are to be retained on disk.

IRETPD is used when a user performs a Cross-Report Index search.

With a setting of IRETPD=365, a cross-report index search will return 365 days worth of reports (if there are reports going back 365 days on the database).

If IRETPD=999 is set, the Report Index (not the Report, but the Index) is kept on Disk for 999 days.

When a Cross-Report Index search takes place, it will return 999 days worth of reports (if there are reports going back 999 days on the database).

If IRETPD is not coded, it defaults to the DRETPD value.