S878 in CICS region reading DATALIB member
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S878 in CICS region reading DATALIB member


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Customer had done a ptf refresh for the r14.2 versionto CSM 2005

Decided to rollback and the backout was not succesful for CICS regions running CA SYSVIEW.

 production down - Abend S878 - +GSVC028E (GSVI) OPEN LibType DATALIB DDname SYS00003 Dsn * Abend S878
+GSVC010E (GSVI) Read DATALIB member $$$INDEX failed. Dsn open error  


Release : 14.2

Component : SYSVIEW


There were other product updates that were being done as well that the customer stated were also backed out.

The storage issue they are having is related to the amount of storage left after CICS has taken its chunk.

This limited area is shared by other types of products not only SYSVIEW.

In the joblog received over the weekend there was only 436k left after CICS took 10.5M of private.

Customer lowered the DSALIM and the region was able to initialize.


Additional Information

IBM support was also involved and found that the LPA usage is increased by 16 MB since Jun 1.

That decreased the usable LSQA space which caused the CICS regions not to get the desired edsa.

Customer tried to start one CICS region with a lower edsa value and the CICS started without any problem.

IBM LAB is still investigating what is using this more LPA space.