Switch show all neighbors as unresolved connections (black color)


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


In this scenario, according to the customer, after removing and adding new Access Point devices (AP's) to the environment, all the connections between the switch and the AP's became black:

In the MIB of the switch, we were able to see listed all the information regarding the AP's and its connections.

Also, In the WLC manager in Oneclick tree, we were able to see listed all the info (IP addresses, MAC addresses) related to the AP's.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Running a locater search, we noticed that the switch was only appearing inside a global collection, and it was not modeled on any place under the "Universe" container in the Oneclick tree.

So, after modeling / re-modeling the switch under the Universe container, all the connections became yellow again.

If this scenario does not apply in your case, or if the problem still remain after executing this procedure, please contact Broadcom Support Team for a further analysis.