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I did an expedited upgrade Gateway  9.X to Gateway 10 via the manual upgrade procedure ->After the DB upgrade from 9.X  to 10, I have been able to start SSG.

But. when I tried to log in with the admin user to Policy Manager to install the new Gateway 10 license. I got the below error in the SSG  log and I can not add my new gateway 10 license in the Manage Gateway Licenses task. 

2020-06-08T21:15:42.039+0900 WARNING 458 com.l7tech.server.admin.AdminRemotingProvider: License checking failed when invoking the method, org.springframework.remoting.support.RemoteInvocation#findAllSecurityZones


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


As this is a new install and you have a valid gateway 10 license you can install the gateway 10 license on your gateway 9.X (9.2 or higher) environment and migrate it over.

Install new gateway 10 license on your 9.X gateway The gateway supports multiple licenses and the gateway 10 license may be used in gateway 9.2 or higher with no issue (although 9 will not work in gateway 10). 

Then create a new database dump and migrate it over as you did before.  The new gateway should see the gateway 10 license installed and you should be able to manage your licenses now.  


Additional Information

Prior to Gateway 9.2, you could follow this article on Manually upgrading your Licence, but this is an operation not to take lightly and we recommend extreme caution when making manual changes to your database.