Showing a user's access rights
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Showing a user's access rights


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Is there a way to see all users access rights in CAPC


CAPM 3.x


You can use the "curl" command to capture the user name and access information.  Here is some example syntax:

curl -vk -u 'admin:admin321!!' -X GET https://<capc>:8182/pc/center/webservice/users/userName/joe | xmllint --format -

  • admin:admin321!! are the credentials used to access CAPC.  if your password has a special characters you may need to use single quotes as the example shows
  • <capc> represents your CAPC server
  • You will note the above example uses https and 8182.  If this is a default environment then the URL would have http and 8181
  • For this example joe is the user in CAPC  we are capturing the info for