Finding deviating dependencies in Workflows
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Finding deviating dependencies in Workflows


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In AWI v12.0 / v12.1 / v12.3 it was not possible to set the default status of dependencies between Tasks in Workflows.

This may in some cases lead to unexpected statuses, if the user was used to the situation in the Java GUI where the default could be set by the user. In AWI v12.3 the default status can be set again. Go to AWI > Settings (upper right corner), then Process Assembly > Default Status for Internal Tasks


Release : v12.1 / v12.2

Component : AWI


The SQL statement below returns the names of JOBP that may need checking.

Note that Broadcom support does not give any guarantee: If you need a 100 % guarantee, you need to contact Professional Services, they are specialized in this kind of functional solutions.

select distinct OH_name, OH_client,jppa_when
from jppa,jpp,oh where
and jppa_oh_idnr = jpp_oh_idnr
and jppa_prelnr = jpp_lnr
and (jppa_when is NULL or jppa_when not in ('ANY_OK'))
--and OH_client=<client #>
and oh_deleteflag = 0
order by OH_client

Line 7 'and OH_client=22' is edited out, but can be used to distinguish different clients.

If you need to exclude or investigate other statuses, you can add/remove these in line 6. Use comma separated values with single quotes.

For instance, if you also want to exclude ENDED_NOT_OK, line 6 is adapted like this:

and (jppa_when is NULL or jppa_when not in ('ANY_OK','ENDED_NOT_OK'))