VIP Enterprise Gateway hotfix
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VIP Enterprise Gateway hotfix


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UPDATE: This hotfix is part of the VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9.1 (or later) release. Please upgrade to 9.9.1 or later to address the issues below:

This hotfix addresses the following issues with VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9.0. Do not apply to 9.8.4 or earlier:

  • The Validation server does not start automatically after rebooting the VIP Enterprise Gateway server machine while Automatic Business Continuity mode is enabled. (Note: this issue affects Windows servers only)
  • When upgrading to VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9, the process does not throw the correct error if there is insufficient space for the upgrade.
  • Removed the redundant errors are logged in the VIP EG console log: "Error creating log file No such file or directory" (Linux) and "Error creating log file The system cannot find the path specified" (Windows). 
  • The LDAP Synchronization restart is triggered each time a scheduled LDAP sync operation completes.
  • Some users are not able to reset their password using the VIP Self Service Portal or MyVIP if the password had already expired
  • The VIP Service URL is updated from Symantec to Broadcom in the Configuration Console.




Please upgrade to 9.9.1 to apply these updates. 

  1. Microsoft Windows environments only: If you are applying this hotfix on a new VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9.0 instance where the configurations were imported from another VIP Enterprise Gateway instance, reset VIP Health Check from the VIP EG console. Do this by editing the Health Check settings, then clicking Save without making any changes.
  2. Download from the Download Files section of VIP Manager (Enterprise Gateway > 9.9). (Note: It may be necessary to update your security software to the latest version to prevent false-positive results of the files.)
  3. Unzip and extract the contents to a temporary location (for example, C:\temp\).
  4. Stop all Symantec VIP services, including the VIP Enterprise Gateway service.
  5. Create a backup of the following files.
      <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\Validation\bin\VSValidationServer.exe (required for the Automatic Business Continuity fix on Windows environments only)
  6. Delete jetty- from the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\server\work directory.
  7. Delete jetty- and jetty- from <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\IDP\services\SSP.
  8. From the temporary directory created in step #2:
      Copy VSValidationServer.exe to the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\Validation\bin directory (required for the Automatic Business Continuity fix on Windows environments only).
      Copy vipconsole.war to the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\server\webapps directory.
      Copy engine.jar to the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>\server\ext directory.
  9. Open the Windows Services console. Change the startup type of all VIP Validation servers from Automatic(Delayed Start) to Automatic (Note: Not applicable to Linux platforms)
  10. Restart the VIP Enterprise Gateway service.
  11. Log in to the VIP Configuration Console and restart all required components.


If you encounter any issues after installing this hotfix, use the following steps to revert the changes:

  1. Log in to the VIP Enterprise Gateway server machine.
  2. Navigate to the location where you backed up the VIP Enterprise Gateway files during the installation of the hotfix.
  3. Copy the backed-up files to their original location on the VIP Enterprise Gateway server machine.
  4. Restart all VIP services.