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How to determine if CA EZIQ product has been installed.


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What is the best way to confirm that the CA EZIQ product is enabled on a system and ready to be used?


CA Easytrieve IQ, release 3.1


CA Easytrieve/IQ for CICS 3.1 is a non-SMP/E installation.
In order to find out whether CA Easytrieve/IQ for CICS is installed and ready for use, please check your CICS region's JCL for the EIQSYS DD.

This is from the Installation Guide:
Add JCL to your CICS startup deck to identify the EIQSYS PIELIB. The following
sample JCL is in the CICSJCL member in the SOURCE library.

Additional Information

Please install CA Easytrieve/ESP before CA Easytrieve/IQ is installed. Then please register CA-Easytrieve/IQ to CA-Easytrieve/ESP.
Now, when calling ESP in CICS, this will be seen:

"CA-Easytrieve/IQ" on the ESP "Primary Menu".

This is the link to the Guides: