OPS/MVS - Some PTFs are rejected from Global Zone when applying another PTF.


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have applied recently some of the OPSMVS Maintenance last week. But after applying new PTFs CSM is rejecting some of the PTFs from GLOBAL. 

This is happening with V13.5 which we upgraded recently.


Release : All 

Component : OPS/MVS  and CSM (MSM)



When PTFs are chosen to apply, CSM (formerly MSM) pulls in all unapplied maintenance in the event a customer is missing required PREs for the PTF being received.  After the APPLY completes, any PTFs that were received and not needed will be rejected.  

Customers may elect, via CSM configuration settings, to not reject any of the additional maintenance.   However, there is no way to indicate that the additional PTFs not be processed using CSM.