When installing Endpoint Protection for Linux, Autoprotect does not load.


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Endpoint Protection


During the installation process, the module build completes, but AutoProtect is malfunctioning. 

It fails to load with the following message: 

Using default major=254 (bad devmajor in /proc/symap)
cat: /dev/symap: No such device or address
[TIMESTAMP] symap: /dev/symap has not been created correctly


This occurs when all of the major device numbers between 234 and 254 are in use by other devices. 


Uninstall a non-essential driver and then recompile the kernel modules by running the .../src/ap-kernelmodule-[VERSION]/build.sh script.


To find out which drivers are using the dev nodes in question, you can use the following command and review the list of Character devices: 

sudo cat /proc/devices


Once AutoProtect modules are loaded and it is running, you may reinstall the driver that you removed.