Copying Clarity configuration and data to a new environment
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Copying Clarity configuration and data to a new environment


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We're installing a new environment, and rather than installing fresh and starting from scratch, we'd like to copy all of the configuration and data from one of our existing environments over to the new environment.  We know that we'd need to then modify the properties.xml file to reflect the new paths when done.  What are the steps we need to take?


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



Once you perform a fresh install, do the following:

1. Copy the properties.xml from the source environment

2. Place it in the new environment under $clarity/config

3. Review the properties.xml and correct any details that are different (such as server name if needed), Save

4. Restart the services

This will use the configuration AND the database properties from the source environment. 


Additional Information

Note: Environmental variables and installing Java and Tomcat would be no different to how you did it for an upgrade. You can do the same as your source environment.
To make things simpler when you bring the properties.xml we would recommend you to install the same Java / Tomcat and use the same path/folder as on the source environment. This way you don't have to adjust the path in the file.