Viptela VNA Integration appears 2 Hours Behind
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Viptela VNA Integration appears 2 Hours Behind


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We recently added our Viptela vManage integration into our VNA platform (it is the only engine running on VNA).

We are finding that when using the timeframe of "Last Hour", no data shows. When we use "Last 4 Hours", we get data, but with an approximate 2 hour lag behind current time.

Can we please investigate why this is?


Release : 3.x

Component : VNA Viptela plugin


  1. There will be a x minute lag in data displayed as the poll interval will determine how often we poll.
  2. The VNA Viptela plugin time zone value must correlate to the time zone of the vManage.

Most of the time this is UTC in which case all components are clearly aligned.


Set the time zone in the viptela plugin config to match the time zone of the vManage host.

In this case EST5EDT (America/New York

Note: if there are multiple vManage hosts, each plugin should be set to the time zone for the polled host.


Additional Information

Lack of resources can also affect processing time,

Using the gateway.log and server.log,

compare the entrytime, which is when we requested data for, to the statcycletime, which shows the time of the data in the requested time bucket.