Service manager models missing in Spectrum for non superusers


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I have assigned a new security string and role to a user account. The security string is used on a couple of service objects.
Unfortunately, this user could not access these models despite correct configuration.

We have a workaround, which is not permanent and stops working after this user starts a new OC java client. 

1. The security string xxx has been assigned the role xxx_Service_Manager. 2 Customer, 3 Services and 5 SLAs should have been visible now. But none are.

 2. ADMIN was added to the existing security string xxx and as expected, all Customer, Services and SLA's that we have in the system are displayed. 

3. After removing the security string ADMIN the correct 2 Customer, 3 Services and 5 SLA's are now displayed.


While the various individual service manager models (2 Customer, 3 Services and 5 SLAs) have the xxx security string, differenyt strings were placed on the parent Customer, Services and SLA models, plus the service manager model.  As the user does not have the strings he cannot drill down to the required models.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Solution is, either

1. Remove Security Strings on folders "Services", "Customers" and "SLAs". This is the better option unless there is a specific requirement for it.


2. Add required Security Strings on folders "Services", "Custtomers" and "SLAs"