Can You Modify Aggregated Labels in BlazeMeter?


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Please let me know if it is possible to modify the default aggregated label count from 100 to 300?




Release : SAAS



As per our documentation:

Aggregated Labels

You may or may not see a row named AGGREGATED LABELS.  The Request Stats Report only displays the first 100 element labels executed by your test.  If your test script has more than 100 labels, the following will apply:

·       The first 100 labels executed will be displayed normally.

·       The AGGREGATED LABELS row will appear and will only report the sample count for those labels beyond the first 100 displayed.

·       The ALL label will still track all 100+ labels and account for them in its calculations.

·       Though the Request Stats Report can be filtered by scenario and location, it will nonetheless still not display more than 100 labels.

·       A multi test may contain up to 300 labels before aggregating them, but the underlying scenarios that make up the multi test are still limited to 100 unique labels each.

·       Multi tests with over 300 labels do not show an AGGREGATED LABELS row.


At this time, no, you cannot change the Aggregate Label from its default of 100 to anything else.

However, if the JMeter script contains multiple thread groups running simultaneously and each of them has a unique set of labels, you might consider splitting up the JMX file and create a JMeter script for each thread group. Then create individual tests for each JMeter script and combine them in a multi test. That way the number of listed labels can be increased to 300 labels as explained above.