How to export a list of alarms from NAS probe


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DX Infrastructure Management


How to export a list of alarms from NAS probe.


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Component : NAS


1) In Infrastructure Manager (IM), Primary Hub, double-click on the NAS probe.

2) In NAS probe, click on Status TAB, then click on Show Historic Alarms button.

3) In the drop-down menu, select the appropriate time range. Last24hours for example.

4) Select the Message column, right-click and choose Select Columns and choose ID (to add Alarm ID column).

5) ID column is now visible.

6) Also add the Modified and Closed columns.

7) Sort by Created column - descending order.

8) To select all alarm press Ctrl + A, then press Ctrl + C to copy into the clipboard and then paste into XLSX file (press Ctrl + V) 

9) Save the XLSX file.


Additional Information

Query on the backend database:

select * from nas_alarms where prid != 'spectrumgtw' and time_origin > '2020-06-10 20:00' and time_origin < '2020-06-11 20:00'