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SCM Agent List


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Is there a way to get a list of all active agents?


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Unfortunately there is not a “central registry” list anywhere that would give us that information. Some things we can do to figure this out are:

- Run an SQL query that will list all the UDP (user-defined process) definitions across all the Harvest projects. Any that execute a Harvest command directly can be reviewed to see which Harvest agent machines they are connecting to.

- For any UDPs that execute scripts, we can review the scripts for any Harvest commands that connect to Harvest agent machines.

- If any users or UDPs are using the “hrefresh” utility, the “hrefresh.cfg” file can be reviewed to find which agent machines are listed there.

- You can poll your users to ask if any are making Agent connections directly from Workbench, and what are the hostnames of those agent machines.

- If you’re using Harweb at all, then any user who connects to Harweb likely has SCM Agent installed on their local machine.

Attached is a SQL query that will generate the list of all the UDPs in your Harvest database. 


1591988421982__ListAllUDPs_sql.txt get_app