Can I only give edit rights to some fields on the resource object?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Need to grant access to a specific user, so he/she can modify specific fields (such as Text1, Text2, Text3 and Text4) in a user profile (not full access to modify the profile). How can I do it?


Release : 15.8

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


Customer has a requirement to have certain fields on the resource object to only be having update capabilities for some users.

Solution to use secure subpages for this purpose.

1. Create Subpage on the resource object for your custom partition

2. Create Section under the subpage created in Step 1

3. Move fields that you require to be on that subpage

4. Provide Edit rights to that subpage for those users

5. Test this in non-production environment first so you have all steps documented.

See below documentation link for some additional information.