CA View - Are there known issues using IBM ZSTD Compression and Wrap Support on SARTAPE / SARDPLX Tapes?


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Are there any known issues using the IBM TS7760 VTS with ZSTD Compression and Wrap Support for CA View SARTAPE or SARDPLX tapes? 

Could I use copycat to copy the VIEW tape, and then try to read the "copycat" output to see if the data is accessible?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


There are no known issues regarding CA View and IBM TS7760 VTS (ZSTD and Wrap).

View is, and has always been, hardware-independent, and works with virtual tape systems.

When moving View tape content from one media type to another, you would do the following:

. Change the SARINIT STORGRPn esoteric: STORGRPn=././nnnnn/unit-p,[unit-d]/,
. After running SARINIT, recycle the View started task (SARSTC)
. To migrate reports to new media, run SARPAC on groups of tapes (using the TAPESEQ=mmmmm-nnnnn statement).

COPYCAT cannot be used to copy any View tapes, as View tapes are of a proprietary format, and the locations of reports on the tape (Block IDs) would be lost in a copy.

The SARPAC function is recommended to be used, as SARPAC:

. Moves only active reports to the SARPAC output.
. Will fill a tape.