How to avoid updates to a Submitted Budget


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We have received a request that submitted budget cost should not be updated until it gets approved or rejected. The allocations never change in the submitted budget, however, the actuals are getting updated.
We know that 'Import Financial Actuals' job makes the update.

Please let us know if we can keep the submitted budget remains unchanged until it gets approved or rejected.


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



  • If you don't want any actuals to post back to the project, you must disable the project from being Open for Financials. You can put the project on Hold once a Budget is Submitted, this will keep all the transactions coming as Invalid in the Invalid Transactions page until you put the project back to Open.

Open. All transactions that are entered against the project can be fully processed. Select this status to enable the project for financial processing.

Hold. No new transactions can accumulate on the project.

Closed. No new transactions can accumulate on the project. When you mark the financial status as "Closed", it is no longer open for financial processing.


  • If you don't want a specific user to Edit the Submitted Budget plan, please ensure they do not have the following permission:

Project - Budget Plan - Edit All

Only give this user a View permission.