MSM: Will There Be Another Release after 6.0 ?
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MSM: Will There Be Another Release after 6.0 ?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER


We are running CA Mainframe Software Manager 6.0, when will the next release be available?


Release : 6.0

Component : CAICCI-MVS


CSM 6.0 is the latest release and there are no plans for another release after because in 2015 IBM, CA Technologies, and other major mainframe vendors started working on the new z/OSMF Software Management.  

z/OSMF is set to go GA in the Summer of 2020. It will include the same software maintenance benefits available in MSM.

To ellborate further on the new z/OSMF Software Update, please see the links in the Additional Information section of this article.

Additional Information

"Software Update: Modernizing the Maintenance of z/OS Software" 

Webinar replay can be found here:

A New Era of Mainframe Software Management