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Events from the Nimsoft integration are not mapping to the expected models in Spectrum.


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Events from the Nimsoft integration are not mapping to the expected models in Spectrum. Instead they are generating event 0x3dc0000 and creating event models under the Nimsoft SNMP gateway model in Spectrum.

The Spectrum/Nimsoft integration uses the Spectrum Southbound Gateway (SBGW) to handle incoming traps from Nimsoft.

Nimsoft uses the term 'probes' to refer to the SNMP tool sending the source traps to Nimsoft that are ultimately forwarded to Spectrum.

If the remote probes are set to use the source hostname and not the source IP in the traps, then we see that event 0x3dc0000 is asserted against the Nimsoft SNMP gateway model in Spectrum and the alarms are not forwarded to the correct models, since the SBGW cannot determine their source IP.

From Spectrum Event Configuration Editor this event has severity none.

Device {m} of type {t} - Error processing event {S 1} - Details: {S 2}

If the events IP address variable contains a host name and not an IP address the above event is created and a new Event model with a null Network Address attribute is created under the Nimsoft SNMP gateway model.



Release: SPDBIP99000-9.3-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-IP Services Manager


Configure the source override option for the remote probe to use IP and not hostname. In Nimsoft Monitor 6.5 and 7.0 there is a new HTML5 Admin UI that standardizes the probe configuration, but not all probes are supported. You will likely have to navigate the setup GUI for each probe individually andmanually.


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