DUAS v6 Tuning Options for better Performance
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DUAS v6 Tuning Options for better Performance


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Here are some settings to check in order to improve DUAS v6 performance.



After upgrading from v5 to v6, some clients complain about performance.


Increase java memory allocation of UVC ->
Change the memory value (heap) for Java in the univiewer_console.bat file like this:

-Xmx = assign maximum memory for java -> increase to 4096 instead of 512
-Xms = assign initial memory for java -> increase to 2048 instead of 256

You can increase the maximum value according to the memory capacity of your computer

Node Technical Settings ->
Change the Cache: Initialization for object names from 200 to 20000, or to a value which is greater than the total number of objects (uprocs, sessions, tasks and resources) that the client has.

For UVMS ->
Increase Synchronization and Monitoring parameters:
- Maximum thread to handle connections = 2000
- Node Status Verification Cycle = 300