Do i need to reboot the Portal ova after updating the platform with latest packages


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 I noticed some minor detail was missing in the Portal documentation for Update the Platform as in (but also in all previous versions).

Anyone familiar with yum update knows the system needs to be rebooted to apply the kernel updates, but anyone just following the docs would probably miss this.


Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


A reboot is needed if the yum update installed a new kernel .

You can check if reboot is needed with the following command:

#needs-restarting -r

   bash-4.2# needs-restarting -r
   Cannot open logfile /var/log/yum.log
   Core libraries or services have been updated:
   linux-firmware -> 20191203-76.gite8a0f4c.el7
   systemd -> 219-73.el7_8.6
   kernel -> 3.10.0-1127.10.1.el7
   glibc -> 2.17-307.el7.1

Reboot is required to ensure that your system benefits from these updates.

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