NetOps Spectrum 10.4.0 Patch List
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NetOps Spectrum 10.4.0 Patch List


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Below is a current list of Spectrum 10.4.0 patches. This list is updated bi-weekly to include any new patches released for this GA product release.


NetOps Spectrum 10.4.0



Symptom: Error message in the VNM.OUT file while searching for models with Virtual Entity Unique ID: "The xml does not comply to the expected grammar"
Resolution: Error handling has been resolved.


Symptom: Oneclick.jnlp href generation has changed. It is creating the URL href with static FQDN of the webserver. 
Resolution: OneClick.jnlp href generation will use the Hostname from request(Host Header) instead of static FQDN of webserver.


Symptom: Spectrum is receivng the agent address as in the traps coming from device. 
Resolution: Using the source IP of the trap when Agent Address is from device.


Symptom: Additional connections are being made use LACP
Resolution: We have made LACP connections discovery as configurable. By default the behavior is true.


Symptom: Float value for "percent" was not being accepted. 
Resolution: Change the datatype of "percent" to float. 


Symptom: Users can modify watches using double-click on the watch even if they do not have the privilege to do it. 
Resolution: Users need privilege "Manage Watches" as part of the assigned role to modify the watches.


Symptom: Spectrum data is missing in TAS as data is not injected with latest TAS format.
Resolution: Device Interfaces are sent to TAS as attribute list instead of Vertices.


Symptom: Export Preferences from Group to Group is not successful. 
Resolution: Export Preferences from Group to Group will be successful.


Symptom: TAS Proxy Password is not set after a Tomcat restart. 
Resolution: TAS Proxy Password is properly set after a Tomcat restart.


Symptom: ModelClass is changed to Firewall automatically on HuaweiVRP devices. 
Resolution: ModelClass is not changed to Firewall when Lock_Model_Class attribute is set to true.


Symptom: VPN sites for which the Interfaces no longer exist are not deleted from the SpectroSERVER database. 
Resolution: VPN sites for which no interfaces exist are now deleted.


Symptom: There is no control for administrators to restrict the rest API access of a user. 
Resolution: Added privileges at user level by which admininistrators can control the access of the user.



Symptom: Spectrum and CAPC sync is causing OneClick performance problems.
Resolution: Spectrum and CAPC sync is no longer causing OneClick performance problems.



Symptom: Locator Search when using a list containing more than 250 items returns an error. 
Resolution:Locator Search will work properly after refining search criteria filtering on OneClick Server.

Additional Information

If you would like to request any of the above patches, please open an issue with Spectrum support and upload the contents of your <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/.history file from both the SpectroSERVER and OneClick Server. Support will review this information to ensure that the patch you are requesting will not conflict with any patches you have already installed.