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Below is a current list of Spectrum 10.3.2 patches. This list is updated bi-weekly to include any new patches released for this GA product release.


NetOps Spectrum 10.3.2



Symptom: MPLS Transport Manager will not model Nokia SR-OS devices. 
Resolution: MPLS Transport Manager now models Nokia SR-OS devices.


Symptom: Sprectrum Report Manager will not start due to error "Duplicate column name 'last_updated_time' in schema update."
Resolution: We have added checks at the time of last_update_time column creation in srm_schema_changes_for_doi.sql script.


Symptom: Translated enterprise traps from v2 to v1 and v3 to v1 are getting processed as unknown traps. 
Resolution: Translated enterprise traps from v2 to v1 and v3 to v1 will be processed properly.

Symptom: SpectroSERVER and Secure Domain Connector on the same machine is not supported.
Resolution: SpectroSERVER and Secure Domain Connector on the same machine is supported.


Symptom: Connections are not discovered between neighbors when one has LLDPv1 and another has LLDPv2. 
Resolution: Connections are discovered for neighbors with different versions of LLDP.


Symptom: Current Port Summary: Group report is not setting the custom logo image in Report. 
Resolution: Current Port Summary: Group report is set to use the custom logo image in the Report.


Symptom: Error message in the VNM.OUT file while searching for models with Virtual Entity Unique ID: "The xml does not comply to the expected grammar"
Resolution: Error handling has been resolved.


Symptom: Spectrum Webclient is not available in Spectrum 10.3.2. 
Resolution: Webclient jars & JSPs are shipped with this patch to enable the Spectrum Webclient in 10.3.2.


Symptom: Acess Points modeled as SNMP shows the default values for SDN_OperationalStatus & SDN_AdminStatus. 
Resolution: Correct values of SDN_OperationalStatus & SDN_AdminStatus will be displayed.


Symptom: Unable to use integration of several CAPC's with Spectrum in a DSS. 
Resolution: You are now able to integrate several CAPC's with Spectrum in a DSS.


Symptom: VNA inventory is not getting pushed to DOI through Spectrum Data Publisher. 
Resolution: Added VNA data retrieval for incremental and full syn for specific model types. Any new model types that need to pulled must be added to full sync and incremental sync payloads.


Symptom: "Attribute Value" dropdown is not showing in Secure Domain Manager. Also, trapx values for Attribute Secure Domain (0x12d83) are missing in Locator Search Dialog. 
Resolution: Code fix has been implemented to resolve these issues.


Symptom: Error while running Jasper report "Current Ports Detail: All" due to component_OID field. 
Resolution: The report "Current Ports Detail: All"  is fixed to treat component_OID as a string instead of float.


Symptom: CAPC_item_ID attribute is not being written for models in Spectrum. 
Resolution: CAPC_item_ID attribute is now be written for models in Spectrum.


Symptom: Spectrum is using Oracle JDK in both OneClick and SpectrSERVERs.
Resolution: Shipping Adapt Open JDK to replace the Oracle JDK.


Symptom: Duplicate PhysicalHOST_NimsoftVmwareRedirector models created during UIM sync. 
Resolution: Duplication of PhysicalHOST_NimsoftVmwareRedirector models is avoided if one already exists.


Symptom: Spectrum is not able to publish data to DOI SaaS via a Proxy. 
Resolution: Both the Spectrum Data Publisher and OneClick server are now capable to publish data to DOI SaaS through a proxy.


Symptom: NCM captures taking longer than normal. 
Resolution: Increased the NCM task work queue size to improve the performance.


Symptom: Live Pipe monitoring is not working as expected.
Resolution: Code changes were made for Live Pipe monitoring to work as expected.


Symptom: No Alarm is generated when an Access point is down. 
Resolution: Added check to prevent scheduling of two attributes, NRM_DeviceCPUUtilization (0x12aaa) and NRM_DeviceMemoryUtilization (0x12ac6) for models derived from pingable.


Symptom: In the Global Collection Search Criteria section, when the Hide Advanced Option is chosen, the advanced filters are getting deleted. 
Resolution: Advanced filters will exist even if hide advanced option is chosen.


Symptom: Setting the SDC name in a SNMPv3 profile is not supported. 
Resolution: Added support for setting SDC name in SNMPv3 profile. 


Symptom: Tomcat log is filling up with the following debug statement: "ERROR: Attribute 0x10024 does not exist in the attrColumnMap."
Resolution: Tomcat log will no longer show "ERROR: Attribute 0x10024 does not exist in the attrColumnMap."


Symptom: BCC field support is not available while sending selected alarms to email addresses. 
Resolution: BCC field support is added to send selected alarms to emails.


Symptom: Spectrum doesn't generate an alarm for VM's which are down in an AWS environment. 
Resolution: Spectrum now generates an alarm for VM's which are down in an AWS environment. 


Symptom: When the IP already exists, and a device with the same IP is added, the existing model is moved from Universe to VNA Container. 
Resolution: When the IP already exists, the existing model is not moved from the existing location.


Symptom: SDC/TrapX does not support using both SDC and TrapX functionality at the same time.
Resolution: SDC/TrapX now supports both SDC and TrapX functionality. If trapX is enabled, the traps will be processed by trapX functionality. If you want to then forward the traps onto the SpectroSERVER, you can use the new 'tunnelfwd' action - which will send the traps using the SDC tunnel.


Symptom: Advanced Options button in discovery console is not opening. 
Resolution: Advanced Options button in discovery console will open successfully as expected.


Symptom: REST Subscription delete requests are always successful and will return a 200 OK response. 
Resolution: REST Subscription delete requests will be successful and will return a 200 OK response only for valid subscription-id's. For invalid subscription-id's it responds with 400 BAD_REQUEST response.


Symptom: Weekly and monthly discovery schedules are not running correctly. 
Resolution: Corrected the behavior of weekly and monthly discovery schedules.


Symptom: BGP event displays an incorrect peer hostname. 
Resolution: BGP event displays the correct IP Address of its peer.



Symptom: Spectrum and CAPC full sync is taking a long time to complete. 
Resolution: Spectrum and CAPC full sync time has been reduced by 90%.



Symptom: OneClick webserver will throw IllegalArgumentException while processing 0x10a20 events.
Resolution: OneClick webserver will successfully process 0x10a20 events without any exceptions.


We also have the following BMP Patches available. A BMP (Bi-Monthly Patch) is a bundle of PTF patches available on top of a NetOps Spectrum GA-release. More information about these BMP's can be found in the respective links below:




Finally, we have the followng certification patches avaialble. These certification patches contain new device certifications for models in Spectrum. More information about these certification packs can be found in the respective links below:



Additional Information

If you would like to request any of the above patches, please open an issue with Spectrum support and upload the contents of your <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/.history file from both the SpectroSERVER and OneClick Server. Support will review this information to ensure that the patch you are requesting will not conflict with any patches you have already installed.