NetOps Spectrum 10.3.0 Patch List
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NetOps Spectrum 10.3.0 Patch List


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Below is a current list of Spectrum 10.3.0 patches. This list is updated bi-weekly to include any new patches released for this GA product release.


NetOps Spectrum 10.3.0



Symptom: SS crashed due to memory growth due to SNMPv3. 
Resolution: Fixing the memory issues for SNMPv3. 


Symptom: IP SLA statistics results for ICMP_JITTER test was calculated incorrectly. 
Resolution: IP SLA statistics will now be shown properly for ICMP_Jitter tests.


Symptom: Last Successful Poll (0x0011620) attribute is updating when device is down. 
Resolution: Last Successful poll attribute will update only when device is up.


Symptom: Spectrum modeling information is not available for then VNM model and Pingables.
Resolution : Code changes have been made so this information is now available.


Symptom: MPLS Transport Manager Doesn't Model Nokia SR-OS devices. 
Resolution: MPLS Transport Manager now models Nokia SR-OS devices.


Symptom: SpectroSERVER may run into a performance issue when it retrieves a huge number of alarms with alarm filters. 
Resolution: Code changes have been made to resolve this performance issue with alarm filters.


Symptom: TopN Event group reports are showing incorrect event count while subreports are showing the correct number of events. 
Resolution: TopN Event group reports are showing correct event count.


Symptom: SpectroSERVER will crash while activating FaultIsolation model. 
Resolution: SpectroSERVER will no longer crash while activating FaultIsolation model.


Symptom: Overlapping IP addresses of ESX Hosts in different VNA User Domains are incorrectly reconciled. 
Resolution: When ESX Hosts are created we now consider it's IP address and SDC name as parameters. This is also now considered during reconciliation.


Symptom: Jar files signed with expired certificates will not run after expiration. 
Resolution: All jar files will be signed with new certificate and they will run as expected.


Symptom: CAPM Events will not sync to Spectrum. The Spectrum tomcat log will display an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. 
Resolution: CAPM Events will be synced to Spectrum properly.


Symptom: After a device reconfiguration, duplicate stale modules still exist in the Interface Tab even after PortAgeOutTime expires. 
Resolution: Duplicate stale modules will be removed once the PortAgeOutTime expires.


Symptom: SpectroSERVER fails to process traps when the source address is not the primary IP address. 
Resolution: SpectroSERVER will now process traps when the source address is not the primary IP address.


Symptom: Discovery console shows vEdge devices as "Unknown" when the discovery profile uses multiple SNMP community strings. 
Resolution: vEdge devices will now be discovered correctly when the discovery profile uses multiple SNMP community strings.

Additional Information

If you would like to request any of the above patches, please open an issue with Spectrum support and upload the contents of your <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/.history file from both the SpectroSERVER and OneClick Server. Support will review this information to ensure that the patch you are requesting will not conflict with any patches you have already installed.