Unable to configure a backup for the Data Repository
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Unable to configure a backup for the Data Repository


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When trying to run a backup, the follow error appears:

Error: SQL command "select database_snapshot('backup_snapshot',false);" failed: ERROR 7804:  LGE is lagging behind for 516540 seconds, it exceeds 3600 seconds threshold, LGE: 4859177, current epoch: 4936363
Backup FAILED.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


This error means that the database's last good epoch or LGE is significantly behind.  This error can be overridden by utilizing the below entry in the backup's ini file:


The downside of overriding this can be noted when attempting to run the backup afterward:

WARNING 7814:  Snapshotting at epoch 4859177. Current epoch is: 4936384, More recent data will not be included