Table to list Elements/Items that crosses certain values
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Table to list Elements/Items that crosses certain values


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I could not find a way to display a table that list Elements/Items that crosses certain values.

For examples I want to see all Fans that have FanStatus goes over 2.5.

Is that a way to do this? Or this will be an enhancement request?


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The closest we're able to meet this request would be the Scorecard Table Views. They'll show all items associated to the report and will color them based on the Views configured status thresholds.

It won't remove items that don't reach the threshold, but will show them in a way that differentiates those over one level, from those over another level.

Anything beyond that would be an Enhancement Request.

Additional Information

Enhancement Requests are submitted via the Ideation page on the Broadcom Community site.