Restart agent is returns error: "User has no permissions"
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Restart agent is returns error: "User has no permissions"


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


While trying to "Restart" an agent in version 6.7's ROC -> Administration -> Agent Management we are getting the response: "User has no permissions"


After upgrading to version 6.7, users without the superuser role can no longer restart agents via the Release Operations Center -> Administration -> Agent Management Web UI. These same users that are getting this error were able to restart agents from Automation Studio -> Administration -> Agent Management in 6.6 and below. 


Release : v6.7.0.81 (GA)

Component : CA Release Automation Core

NAC on Windows

NES on Windows

Agent on Windows


This is a bug. 


The fix for this issue is complete. It will be available in the second cumulative patch for version 6.7. The ETA for the second 6.7 cumulative, at the moment, is September.

Additional Information

Our normal IDs are set up in 2 AD groups with the following permissions
 1. Designers: role=user, admin access to all apps
 2. LimitedAdmin: role=administrator with General Administrator & Server Administrator privileges (ensuring we can manage agents but not change User permission settings)

When logged in with my ID with superuser access, I can select & restart an agent, but when logged in with my normal ID, I get the error "User has no permissions."

We have the administrator & Server Admin privileges, so I'd assume this shouldn't be an issue.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. add a new user in 6.7 with these permissions:
    • role: Administrator
      additional permissions: General Administrator, Servers Administrator
    • General App Configs: One group does NOT have access to an application. Another group is configured with "Application Owner" of an application.
    • Server Group Permissions: All server groups are checked/selected.
    • Shared Components Permissions: One group has the "Access Shared Components Repository" selected while another group does not.
  2. Log into the ROC with the new user created above.
  3. Go to administration -> agent groups -> select a windows agent via the checkbox.
  4. Click the "restart agent" button.
  5. See the error "User has no permissions"