Can HWM values for DB2 threads in the SYSVIEW(IDB2) monitor be reset?


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The following  HIGH WATER MARKS for DDF connections was hit: 

LIMITS Current Max  HWM  HWM
 Users      15   3   35   18
 TSO         9   9   30   11
 Batch       6   6   25    7
 DDF Actv    5   2  200    5
 DDF Inac   68   6 1000   68
 Dataset  5863  97      5863

Can these values be reset without recycling the Insight Data Collector tasks? 


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


No, they can't be reset without Datacollector being recycled.

HWM is controlled by the SYSPARMS member HWM-SAMP-INT.
HWM-SAMP-INT= nn Controls how often, in hundredths of a second, the high water mark (HWM) collection subtask samples for data.

The HWM subtask samples Db2 control blocks and logs the HWM values for the current statistics interval. In contrast, the statistics records that Db2 produces contain the HWM values since the Db2 subsystem was last started. When the statistics interval ends, the HWM values that CA SYSVIEW for DB2 collects are reset to zero. The HWM values are available online only for the current and past subsystem history intervals.