Exporting to CSV file shifts column content if there is a comma in the results


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


The customer is generating reports from Manage > Computers.
He is adding a filter for active computers and primary user, asset status, etc. for example.

The report looks normal and acceptable in the console.

However, when he exports to a CSV file, the formatting is getting messed up, shifting values to the right.


Known issue. What seems to be causing the issue is the results from vAC_PrimaryUser: there is a comma between [last name][first name].

When he adds this column into the report, it is causing issues with the other columns.

Most of the time, vAC_PrimaryUser is formatted [last name][first name]. However, the CSV file puts the last name on one cell and first name on the next column, shifting everything to the right.
Also, when a "user" is missing in vAC_Primary, it shifts the other columns to the right and doesn't put a blank in the primary user cell.


ITMS 8.5 RU3 


This issue has been reported to our Broadcom Development team.
A possible workaround is if you save the filter results "As a report" instead of "Export".
Then for the saved report, you can "Save As >Spreedsheet", the CSV formatting should stay fine.