DevTest Workstation JDBC step to DB2 database connection
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DevTest Workstation JDBC step to DB2 database connection


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Trying to connect a DB2 database in one of the JDBC test step in workstation and getting below Error.
Tried by placing db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar in /hotDeploy folder but got same error.
Please advise which jar files are necessary to connect with DB2 and path that need to be in place.

Detailed error message : Message:     
                There is a Dataset in your test case that is failing to connect.
                 Connection:  jdbc:db2://hostname:6595/schemaName
| Trapped Exception: [jcc][t4][10509][13454][4.18.60] Connection to the data server failed. The IBM Data Server for JDBC and SQLJ license was invalid 
or was not activated for the DB2 for z/OS subsystem. If you are connecting directly to 
the data server and using DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System z, perform the 
activation step by running the activation program in the license activation kit.  
If you are using any other edition of DB2 Connect, obtain the license file, 
db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar, from the license activation kit, and follow the installation 
directions to include the license file in the class path. ERRORCODE=-4230, SQLSTATE=42968


All supported DevTest releases.


This issue is because the license jar file could be put into DevTest classpath from /hotDeploy folder.


Please try below steps:

- Stop Workstation

- Make sure that the license jar db2jcc4_license_cisuz.jar is removed from all locations and copied to <DevTest_Home>/lib/shared folder.

- Also get the db2jcc4.jar from your DB2 team and place it under <DevTest_Home>/lib/shared folder. Backup the db2jcc4.jar if any already existing.

- Remove the lisatmp folder from C:\users\<user>\

- Start Workstation and test the connection.

Important Note:

Get the correctly activated license file:

For Db2 on Linux®, UNIX, or Windows operating systems, use db2jcc_license_cu.jar.

For Db2 on z/OS®, use db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar.