Adding an import view in CA Gen 8.6 Toolset the default optionality is "Always" compared to "Sometimes" in Gen 8.0 Toolset


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In version 8.6 of the CA Gen toolset, while adding a view under imports for Common action blocks, by default it is being set as “Always” which means the view gets defined as mandatory whereas it was not the case with 8.0 version. So, in 8.6 we need to explicitly change it to “Sometimes". 

Gen 8.0:

Gen 8.6:


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset


This change is due to an ease of use design change in Gen 8.5 PTF TSN85007/RO69229 ("TOOLSET EASE OF USE ENHANCEMENTS") :
4. Change the default for optionality on the Add Import Entity dialog box
from "Sometimes" to "Always" within (BAA) Action Block diagrams.

There is also a related Gen Community idea which requests a new change following the above change: Make attribute views the same optionality as their owning Entity View by default

In the Idea body is also an explanation of the original change:
"The behavior was changed as part of an ease-of-use project on the assumption that most of the import values to a common action block would be required and it is less work to change a few to optional than it is to set a whole bunch of them to mandatory.  Note that before this change, the attributes were always set to optional when the view was added, regardless of the optionality of the view itself."

So the current behaviour is working as designed. In summary:
When adding an import view to a Common action block in the Gen 8.6 Toolset the default optionality is now "Always", versus "Sometimes" in the Gen 8.0 Toolset.
When adding an import view to a Procedure Step action Block, the default "Sometimes" behaviour has not changed between 8.0 and 8.6.