How to grant a user/group access to manage AAI policies in EEM


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Automic Automation Intelligence


After registering AAI with an EEM server so that an EEM domain can be created, only the EiamAdmin user is able to manage the AAI policies in the EEM UI by default. You may want to grant access to additional users and/or groups to manage these policies. This can be done by performing the steps below.


1. Login to EEM as EiamAdmin under the JAWS application.

2. Go to the "Manage Access Policies" tab

3. On the left, click on "Scoping Policies"

4. From the Policy Table on the right, open the "AdministerObjects" policy for editing

5. Add any users and/or groups to which you want to grant access for managing AAI policies in EEM and then click "Save".

6. The additional users should now be able to login to EEM under the JAWS application and manage policies.