BAIPWI12 and BAIPWI20 errors in Netmaster after IPL to other SYSRES


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Just got Netmaster 12.2 up and running on a test LPAR yesterday.
IPL was done using different RES pack, and now the Netmaster initialization shows errors

IAIN0167 (NM) parameter group $NM ZFS failed. Error message follows
BAIPWI12 Invalid zFS path name: NM129 file missing    

BAIPWI20 zPath name does not contain nmInterface


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


Possible causes:

1. It was determined that the NetMaster zFS path was associated with a different FILESYSTEM on the new SYSRES.
   Correcting that resolved the problem.

2. The CC2DZFS is not permanently mounted in the BPXPRM on this system

Additional Information

See related KB for missing CC2DZFS