Prevent CA Top Secret Recovery File Wrap?


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Is there any other possible action to avoid the wrap around of the CA Top Secret Recovery File, besides increasing its size?


There isn't any way to stop the CA Top Secret recovery file from wrapping. Increasing the size of the recovery file will extend the time period between wraps. TSS MODIFY BACKUP does not clear the recovery file, however, it will take an immediate backup so the backup file will be in sync with the primary/active file. When the recovery file wraps, it is not cleared. The new records are written at the beginning of the file overlaying the old records one at a time.

Check to see how often the recovery file wrapping. The BACKUP control option should be set so an automatic backup is taken every day at the time specified. (Issue TSS MODIFY to see the current control option settings, including BACKUP.) The guideline for the recovery file size is you want it large enough to hold a couple of days worth of changes. If the BACKUP control option is not set, you can backup the recovery file or run the TSSRCVR1 job when the recovery file wraps. (TSS9011W RECOVERY FILE HAS WRAPPED AROUND is issued when the recovery file wraps.) An automations package could be setup to kick off a job to do the backup or TSSRCVR1 when this message is issued.


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security