Cannot Upload Documents in Modern UX


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Documents can only be uploaded in the Modern UX if the extensions entered in the 'Authorized File Extensions' box under Administration - System options is in lower case letters. In Classic, the case of the extension entered here is not taken into account when attempting to upload a document. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. In the Classic UI, under Administration - System Options, enter DOCX in capital letters for the 'Authorized File Extensions' and Save
2. In the Modern UX, open a project and go to the Documents module
3. Upload a document with an extension of docx, but lower case letters (example: Test.docx) 

Expected Results: The file is uploaded. 
Actual Results: The file is not uploaded, and the following error is thrown: 'Could not upload Test.docx Allowed file extensions: DOCX.'


Caused by DE55716


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8

Component : CA PPM Collaboration


DE55716 is targeted to be fixed in our upcoming 15.9 release. 

Workaround: Add the lower case equivalent of the file extensions in the 'Authorized File Extensions' box. Alternatively, the upper case extensions can also be replaced with the equivalent lower case extensions in this box.