Need to migrate VMTAPE to a new VTL
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Need to migrate VMTAPE to a new VTL


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VM:Tape for z/VM


I've just been told I need to move my tape operations to a new VTL with new tape devices at new RDEVs. 

I am thinking all that's changing from VMTAPE's perspective is the name of the VTL on the RMSRANGE statements, and the tape RDEVs on the DEVICE NAME VTS statements.  (The existing volumes are being copied from the old TS7720 to the new TS7770, and their VOLSERs and category codes will not change.)

But is that all I need to worry about?   You don't expect I need to rebuild the TMC or anything?  What am I overlooking?  Will any of the other machines like HIDRO or SYBMON or SYBCOM or VMSPOOL care about this, or should it just be VMTAPE's business? 

Btw, I already looked at RMSMASTR and that part looks pretty simple.   But feel free to comment on that too if anything occurs to you, though it's just an IBM thing and not yours.


Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Tape for zVM


You are correct... you will only need to add the new devices to your current configuration (DEVICE record) and modify or add any RMSRANGE records.

If you are not adding any new tape volsers to VM:Tape's TMC, a VMTBUILD is not required.

And, if you're not changing DENSITY and MEDIA, you can leave DEFMEDIA and DEFDENS as is.

And, if you're not defining any new scratch pools, your HiDRO and VM:Spool backups should not be affected.

We do recommend running VMTAPE REFRESH to refresh the scratch pool definitions and assignment rules when you define a new scratch pool or change the definition of an existing scratch pool.  Even though you're not doing anything with the scratch pools, I would still have a tendency to run a REFRESH.


And, lastly, I would recommend you be at the RSU-1901 version of VM:Tape as it is a collection of service, some of which are solutions specific to the RMS interface.