Why am I seeing additional address spaces for my NetMaster Region?
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Why am I seeing additional address spaces for my NetMaster Region?


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I recently applied maintenance to NetMaster 12.2 and now a USS process with the same name plus a number is being spawned on startup.
Can you tell me which PTF introduced that and are there any security changes that are needed?
I do not see any error messages, just would like to know when it was introduced


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


In Netmaster 12.2, all USS calls and commands are submitted from the NetMaster region. For this purpose, some USS commands may require an additional address space spawned with OTX type, such as onetstat.

When an additional address space is spawned, the numeric suffix it receives and the time it remains active on the system are determined by OMVS. NetMaster has no further influence once the USS call has been passed to the system.
If the USS command is issued from an user environment, the additional address space may be removed after 3mn of inactivity.

The MVS command D A,nmcs* display may show something like:

D A,NMCS*                                                            
CNZ4106I 13.47.14 DISPLAY ACTIVITY 420                               
00091    00374    00128      00108    00180    00127/00400       00316
 NMCS81   NMCS81   $$$$$$@  NSW  SO  A=02B3   PER=NO   SMC=000        
                                     PGN=N/A  DMN=N/A  AFF=NONE       
                                     CT=037.234S  ET=07.37.11         
                                     WUID=STC01523 USERID=CSNM       
                                     WKL=STC      SCL=STCTEST  P=1    
                                     RGP=N/A      SRVR=NO  QSC=NO     
                                     ADDR SPACE ASTE=3F964CC0         
                                     DSPNAME=00000VHS ASTE=3F190680   
 NMCS811  STEP1    CSNM     OWT  AO  A=02C2   PER=NO   SMC=000        
                                     PGN=N/A  DMN=N/A  AFF=NONE     
                                     CT=000.030S  ET=07.36.41       
                                     WUID=STC43863 USERID=CSNM     
                                     WKL=TSO      SCL=TSO      P=1  
                                     RGP=N/A      SRVR=NO  QSC=NO   
                                     ADDR SPACE ASTE=3F966080       

This is working s designed.

Additional Information

In Netmaster 12.1, USS calls were done through the SOLVESSI so the SOLVESSI was showing the same behavior - spawned tasks.
See KB 59731 for comparison or more information at this link.