Rally: In-Context Collection Editors
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Rally: In-Context Collection Editors


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Rally On-Premise


What collections will be impacted?

Below is a list of all collections that will be impacted by this change:

  • Risks
  • Defects
  • Defect Suites
  • Dependencies
  • Discussions
  • Duplicates
  • Tasks
  • Test Cases
  • Risks

What changes should I expect?

This change enables you to view and edit collections more quickly. It should not disrupt your workflow.

Certain collections will allow you to Edit, Link Existing, as well as Add New or Post.
This enables you to quickly post a discussion from your Iteration Status page during standup, for example. Or you can quickly add a few new Tasks while reviewing your iteration.

The More Options link will take you to the full-page editor collection page for the work item you are viewing.

Just like our new full-page and quick-detail editors, the in-context collection editors will render with a dark blue header bar, indicating that you are viewing details for a specific work item.


How do I access these editors?

You can access the new editors by adding the collection fields to your list view or cards on your board.


Let's walk through the example for adding Tasks to your list or board view. 

  1.  In the toolbar, select the Show Fields icon and search for Tasks in the drop-down list.
  2.  Select Tasks and click Apply



    Adding Tasks collection to board view

This will add the Tasks field to your list view or card on your board. 

  • From the list, select the value in the Tasks field
  • From the card on your board, select the Tasks icon.

This will open the following Tasks collection, in-context editor:     

     Task collection in-context editor

     Task collection in-context editor with Add New expanded

Below are some screenshots to show other collections:

    Discussions collection in-context editor

      Dependencies collection in-context editor

    Defects collection in-context editor