What is the correct Genericapiconnector release to integrate DXI OI x APM on-premise?


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What is the correct Genericapiconnector release to integrate DXI OI x APM on-premise?



DXI Operation Intelligent SaaS
CA Application Performance Management 10.7 release



By our documentation, one of the steps to perform this integration is to use the generic connector for "Generic Connector Plugin for TAS Data Migration".  The correct release to perform this step is the release, If you use any other release, the map for the integration will not render properly, will duplicate some vertex and API connector logs shows the error message:

INFO [2020-05-25 19:19:30,432] com.ca.doi.genericapiconnector.jobs.Datafetcher, CA APM Topology, isJobRestarted:
ArithmeticException: / by zero
at com.ca.doi.genericapiconnector.jobs.DataFetcher.run(DataFetcher.java:83)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
Vertex MAP duplicated:

Broken edges (Vertex without edges)

- Then If you use the release for the integration, it was successful and you will see all information being reported without any "ArithmeticException: / by zero" error inside the connector logs or broken vertex into the ATC map:

Our documentation regarding this integration:

Additional Information

If you want to download the generic connector, please contact us through https://support.broadcom.com/ and refer to this knowledge article, our representative will provide for you.