IDB2's System Overview History panel shows the wrong selections


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In IDB2, selecting option 2 System History, and then Pf5 to obtain System History List, selecting an interval to be taken to R/HSSNAP System Overview History presents a panel where the 1-7 options are arranged differently than expected (where 'More ...' is 7 and not 6 and Excpts is 2 and not 7).  Subsequently, when 'More ...' is selected the screen R/HMSYSTEM is presented instead of the expected R/ISYSHMC, and then option 8 for RID does not present the expected RID information. 


The IDDCPRMS sysparm member used by the DC had incorrect REQLIB and HSTIN allocations.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


Correcting the REQLIB and HSTIN statements in the DC's IDDCPRMS member to point to the correct runtime TREQ library proved successful.